2012 New York Comic-Con

What A Year!

It has been a great production year for Dominion Publishing Enterprises, with the House of Fang’s Thunder-Kind volumes 1 and 2, the weekly web comic and Darkside Chronicles East production of Ravenous Redd 0 book – Fallin’ On. The success of this year is simply due to you, our fans. Your loyalty to us has enhanced our commitment to creating the best products from our studios. First off, I would like to thank all the wonderful people that stopped by Dominion Publishing Enterprises booth on October 11-14 2012, at the New York Comic Con, It was great to not only the public but the fans of this small endeavor. Next, I would like to thank the contributors to the show, in particular Shauné Wallace-Bostic (Ur Event, LLC), Joshua Bostic (Jester Works Asylum) and Corey Holder (Winga Eye Photography).

We started only a short time ago to make the best brand of independent comics that has ever hit the market and it’s impressive to see that our brand of comics is reaching an audience that we never imagined. The coming year looks bright and we are invigorated with creative juices with our upcoming projects and ask for you to stay tuned. Both studios of House of Fang and Darkside Chronicles East would like to thank you again for your commitment and loyalty to our productions!

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