Aka Alexander Wagner

Jeffrey Neary

Jeffrey Neary has been obsessed with comic books for over twenty years. Ever since he picked up the World’s Finest issue where Batman and Superman tackle the Composite Superman, he was hooked.

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Breakthru was Alexander Wagner.  This young genius turned to a life of crime when he desperately needed to fund his tuition for Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology.   After graduation, Alex was bored with the mundane career options that were presented before him.  He decided to waver from the obvious choices by continuing to pursue the life that provided him with the most adventure, the life of a thief.

Quickly becoming a master at his chosen profession, he spread his wings and joined a team who’s interests were similar to his own, high risk for high gain.  They called him Breakthru, and they trusted him with their lives.  That is…until he day the disappeared.

Ten years have passed and Breakthru has returned.  Mentally he appears to have gone through years of advanced development, yet he has not aged since the day of his disappearance.  Adding to the mystery, we find that he is garbed in a costume comprised of nanites.  This suit endows him with the power to transform mirrors into doorways, which guide him into a dimension he calls home.

The world considers him dead.  His partners believe he betrayed them, and all he wants to do is solve the mystery of what occurred ten years ago.

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