Fusion Creators

Case Cover: Mshindo Kuumba I.

Written by Charles Bostic III, Hassan Godwin, Thomas Grace, James Quirindongo, Jeffrey Neary & Michael Vacarro

Pencils by: Koi Turnbull, Steven Ellis, Charles Bostic III, Yvel Guichet, Rich Buckler, Hassan Godwin, Mshindo Kuumba I. & Gus Vasquez

Inks by: Rick Ketchum, Malcolm Williams, Richard Perrotta, Alex Glass, & Bostic.

Color Production by Starlight Runner, Rudy Rosario, Atomic Paintbrush & Darkside Chronicles East

Editors Page Display by: Alexander Bostic

Edited by Alexander Glass of Fang Studios

Graphics by: Malcolm Williams of Black Sheep Media.

Executive Producer Charles Bostic III of Darkside Chronicles East Copyrighted; “Die Tieger” created by Thomas Grace, “Breakthru” created Jeffrey Neary, “Les Corsairs” & “Martha Savage” created by James Quirindongo, “Valkk” & “Wil the Bounty Hunter” created by Hassan Godwin, “Armor Michelle” by Charles Bostic copyright 1995 “I Am King” copyright 1999 by Charles Bostic III and Mshindo Kuumba I

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