Hassan Godwin

Created: Valkk/Will the Bounty Hunter

Hassan Godwin has worked within the confines of the comic book industry for nearly 15 years in several different capacities, first as an intern, to a mailing clerk, to a production designer, and even an Accountant. Though through all this he has always maintained a devout loyalty to the creative medium that is most utilized in the comic book arena. During High school, he got an internship with marvel comics. After graduation, he attended the Pratt Institute of art in the early 1990′s during which he also attended several trade schools for comic book specialties, all while holding down odd jobs. In 93 he scored an internship with Valiant comics, which was fated to become Acclaim comics during his five and half year of employment there in various capacities. When acclaim closed its doors for good he went to Wizard Entertainment, where he remains currently. He’s worked diligently to hone his talents and make them marketable, while still entertaining and captivating. His books of Valkk and Will, The bounty hunter are his latest brainchildren.

Valkk & Will The Bounty Hunter created by: Hassan Godwin
Final Character design: Hassan Godwin
©Copyrighted 2004 held by Hassan Godwin & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. www.dominionpublishing.com.

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