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Fallin’ On No. 0

Created By Charles T Bostic III
Join Brooklyn’s own as we begin one of the greatest tales ever told; Ravenous Redd; Take That, Get That And Don’t Git Got. Local boy Daniel Timmons becomes possessed by the warriors’ spirit of a displaced Prince from another dimension, turning him into the seven-foot, fur-covered scarlet warrior Ravenous Redd.

Brooklyn Bred Da’ Art of Ravenous Redd: Concept Book

Created By Charles T Bostic III
Know what this industry’s been missin’? A good ol’ fashion Brooklyn fairy tale. Join the creator as he brings you the origins of this compelling inner-city adventure. Brought to you by Charles T. Bostic III (Sectornauts/ Fusion; Anthology), illustrator & author, as he presents the dawning of his exciting urban fairy tale.

Fusion: Anthology

Follow the seemingly wandering path of an object of unknown power and potential as it careens through the lives of many heroes and villains. It will begin the story of one hero, lead another closer to the truth of his origin, and nearly end the career of a villain.

Ravenous Redd

Fusion: Anthology

The Liberators

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