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    Dominion Publishing Enterprises Submissions Guidelines




    Submissions guidelines:

    Welcome to Dominion Publishing submissions guidelines. This section will explain what you must include and exclude when submitting your materials to Dominion Publishing. If you read through this page and still have questions, please contact us via e-mail at: NOTE: please DO NOT send your material following with questions to this address. Creators should only expect to hear from a Dominion Publishing editor regarding their submission if an editor wishes to hire them for work. NOTE: submissions will NOT be return to the sender.


    Dominion Publishing welcomes your submissions, and all submissions will be reviewed. The only difference is that submissions can no longer be mailed to us without our authorization. If the editor likes what he saw we will call you and ask for a hard copy. If it’s the first time you submitting to Dominion Publishing please send your material via e mail (for forwarder information regarding first time submissions please read our submissions policy). If you’re going to attend a convention and want to get feedback on your artwork please log in to our news section and see our future conventions we will attend. If you would like to schedule a portfolio review (at list one month before the convention) please contact us at:


    Dominion Publishing Submissions policy

    NOTE: please brows our web site before sending your art work because thane you will have a better understanding of what we looking for.


    If it’s your first time you submitting to us please read carefully the following instructions.

    •  Please send us your art work only via e mail unless you asked differently at

    •  We will review only five prints.

    •  Please send us your art wok only in a PDF format. Others attachments will be deleted immediately.

    •  In addition to your art work tell us something about yourself.

    •  Please do not forget to include your complete address and phone numbers, And email.

    If you have a web site include it as well.  Good luck.

    Dominion Publishing Enterprises

    1333A North Avenue, Suite 294

    New Rochelle, New York 10804

    (914) 357-4053