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Thank you for stopping by our Bookstore. Just like all bookstores we sell a little more than just books. We have a large variety of Dominion Products for you to choose from. Check out our latest and our and be sure to check back with us as we try to bring you the best Dominion has to offer.



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“Get ready for a wild ride with Ravenous Redd! Stranded on Earth, this prince from another dimension is on a mission to stop two astral witches before they destroy not only our world but his own. But this 7-foot-tall, red hero faces more than just the witches – he must also navigate earth’s prejudices and confront a wealthy hunter determined to make him his greatest conquest. Join Redd, Renee, R.G., David, and his sister on their journey full of action, laughter, and a whole lot of excitement. Don’t miss out on Ravenous Redd!”

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“Wear your love for the Liberators with pride! Get the Vega Logo T-Shirt from Dominion Publishing Enterprises. Made in the USA with

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“Unleash your inner hero with the “Laser Logo T-Shirt” from Dominion Publishing Enterprises! Made in the USA from imported fabric, this 100%

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