Fusion: Anthology Poster Metal Print


Embark on a thrilling journey as an enigmatic object of immense power and potential ricochets through the lives of heroes and villains alike. Witness the start of one hero’s story, the revelation of another’s origins and the downfall of a notorious villain. The ramifications of the object’s use will shake the future to its core. This is the Fusion Anthology. Experience how Earth’s mystical hero, a potential savior, a wielder of unusual abilities, an indestructible yet vulnerable villain, a misplaced superhero, five stunning futuristic mercenaries, and two clashing aliens confront the enigma of the Orb. This collection brings together characters from the Dominion universe and offers a window into a world of wonder. Step into Dominion and prepare for an epic adventure!


  • Art just feels more arty when it’s on canvas
  • Custom hand-stretched for your order
  • Vibrant colors on gallery-grade canvas
  • Printed image wraps approximately 1/4 inch (6mm) over the edges; the sides are white
  • Hanging hardware included for both portrait and landscape orientations


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