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“Get ready for a wild ride with Ravenous Redd! Stranded on Earth, this prince from another dimension is on a mission to stop two astral witches before they destroy not only our world but his own. But this 7-foot-tall, red hero faces more than just the witches – he must also navigate earth’s prejudices and confront a wealthy hunter determined to make him his greatest conquest. Join Redd, Renee, R.G., David, and his sister on their journey full of action, laughter, and a whole lot of excitement. Don’t miss out on Ravenous Redd!”

12 Page Glossy Staple Bond Magazine.
UPC Code: 9780977085705
ISBN: 0-9770857-0-8
Interior: 12 pages, (gloss lam), 4C
Cover Price: $3.00 (U.S.) / $4.75 (Can.)

Created, written and drawn by
Charles T. Bostic

Enter the world of Brooklyn as we embark on a legendary tale of adventure and heroism with Ravenous Redd. Follow the transformation of local boy Daniel Timmons as he becomes the seven-foot, fur-covered warrior, possessed by the spirit of a prince from another dimension. Trapped in this new form, he vows to protect his adopted home from the tyranny of the Witch Queen Istara Shakti. This masterful work is brought to you by Darkside Chronicles East Productions and features the artistic talent of creator Charles T. Bostic III, known for his works Sectornauts and Fusion: Anthology. Don’t miss your chance to join the fight for Brooklyn from the very beginning with Ravenous Redd Issue 0 – Fallin’ On!

Created, written and drawn by
Charles T. Bostic

96 Page Glossy Bond Book.
ASIN: ‎ B009AOGY16
Publisher: ‎ SCL; one edition (April 18, 2012)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 92 pages
Trade Paperback
Interior: 96 pages 95gsm 4C Cover: 210gsm C2s (gloss lam), 4C
Cover Price: $56.96 (U.S.).

Created, written and drawn by
Charles T. Bostic

Get ready to experience a thrilling twist on a classic fairy tale, set in the heart of Brooklyn. Follow the mastermind behind this captivating inner-city adventure, Charles T. Bostic III, as he brings you the birth of Ravenous Redd. With a background as the illustrator and author of Sectornauts and Fusion Anthology, Charles brings his unique vision to this urban fairy tale. From concept to creation, this concept book takes you on a journey through the development of one of the industry’s most groundbreaking characters. Don’t miss this chance to see the origin story of Ravenous Redd, brought to life by the talented Charles T. Bostic III!

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Unleash the Hero Within! Join Brooklyn’s own in an epic tale of Ravenous Redd. Local boy Daniel Timmons becomes the seven-foot, fur-covered scarlet warrior, possessing the spirit of a displaced Prince from another dimension. Sworn to protect his new home, Ravenous Redd is ready for battle. Printed on heavy, semigloss paper with a high-quality finish, this Redbubble print is perfect for any gallery, home, or office. 14 years of satisfied customers can’t be wrong – Redbubble prints are not just good, they’re GREAT!


Ravenous Redd; Fallin’ On No. 0

This story has many twists and turns, as Ravenous discovers that his entrance, and that of the two witches, is twisting the reality of Earth’s dimension. Strange creatures start to appear and people discover that they can now create magical spells. Redd must also battle himself as his two sides are at odds with what to do in this strange new world. Eventually, joined by a hooker with a heart of gold and newly magically empowered graduate student. Ravenous goes off to do battle with the fugitives. But even there, not everything is as it seems.

Ravenous Redd Mee T-shirt

“Get ready to sink your teeth into style with the Ravenous Redd Mee T-shirt from Dominion Publishing Enterprises! Made in the USA from imported fabric, this 100% preshrunk heavyweight cotton tee features the iconic character from our upcoming comic book series. With a seamless design and bold red color, this shirt is sure to make a statement. Show off your love for the Ravenous Redd series in true American classic style with this must-have tee.”

Ravenous Redd Production Poster Poster

  • Gallery-grade prints on high-quality paper, this is the real deal
  • Lightly textured 100% cotton paper
  • Custom sizes, based on artwork dimensions. Check size chart if self-framing
  • Dimensions include a 1 – 2 inch (2.5 – 5.0cm) white border to assist in framing
  • Shipped in protective packaging

Ravenous Redd Gallery

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