Fusion: Anthology

Press Release

Dominion Publishing releases a compilation of all its concepts with the Fusion Book

New York, NY July 10, 2005 — Dominion Publishing begins its launch with a showcase of the talents and ideas that have infused the company with the energy it has become known for. The Fusion book is a collection of interlocking stories featuring concepts such as Valkk, I Am King, Die Teiger and Les Corsairs. Together they form a compilation, a “tales of the Dominion”. All the Dominion line characters are forced to deal with a mysterious object that may contain a deadly secret that they must discover before it’s too late.

This project showcases over a dozen talented artists and writers. You’ll see rising stars of the industry such as Gus Vasquez and Hassan Godwin. Adding a touch of experience are such veterans as Rich Buckler Steve Ellis and Koi Turnbull. In addition, you’ll see the writing talents of early Dominion creators like Jeffrey Neary, Jim Quirindingo and Thomas Grace. If any of our stories get a strong enough fan reaction, we will publish a full-length Dominion novel of that concept. So, make sure to contact the website with your thoughts.

The Fusion book is 64 pages, full color and presented in the patented Dominion Publishing N’Case format. This product is unique among both the comic and sci-fi/fantasy products. Unlike other comic books, it offers a stand-alone story, rather than an eternal collection of comics that a customer must continue to buy to get to an ending. Also, it presents mainstream sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts with a different kind of story without compromising their tastes. It’s sure to be a hit. “Few people realize what a long road and what great talent have come through the Dominion before we began publishing,” says Alexander Glass, Editor-In-Chief, “we’ve come a long way and we wanted to show the viewing public a view of the journey.”

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Dominion publications will be a 160 page graphic novel, with another twist, the N’Case format. A Essentially an over-sized DVD case that will enclose the book and allow for better storage. Also, it’s designed with clips to hold trading cards and posters that are free bonuses for buying their books. All of this is designed to make one thing true: if you read Dominion Publishing, you will
be loyal.

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Charles T. Bostic III
Dominion Publishing Enterprises
(914) 357-4053
or go to www.dominionpublishing.com for more information.