96 Page glossy bond book. UPC Code: 9780977085705
ISBN: 0-9770857-0-8
Presented: (New) N’-Case Format
Trade Paperback
Interior: 68 pages 95gsm 4C Cover: 210gsm C2s (gloss lam), 4C
Cover Price: $12.95 (U.S.) / $15.75 (Can.)

Fusion: Anthology

Written by: Thomas Grace, Jeffrey Neary, Charles Bostic III, Michael Vacarro, Jim Qurindongo & Hassan Godwin. Pencils by: Koi Turnbull, Steven Ellis, Mshindo Kuumba I, Bostic, Yvel Guichet, Rich Buckler Jr., Gus Vasquez & Hassan Godwin. Cover by: Mshindo Kuumba I. Inks by: Rick Ketchum, Malcolm Williams, Richard Perrotta, Alex Glass, & Bostic. Colors by: Starlight Runner, Rudy Rosario, Atomic Paintbrush & Darkside Chronicles East.

Follow the seemingly wandering path of an object of unknown power and potential as it careens through the lives of many heroes and villains. It will begin the story of one hero, lead another closer to the truth of his origin, and nearly end the career of a villain. Terrifying consequences await its use in the far-flung future. This is the Fusion Anthology. See how a mystic hero of the Earth, a possible messiah, a thief with a strange power, an indestructible yet fragile villain, a displaced superhero, five gorgeous mercenaries of the future, and two aliens at each other’s throats deal with the mystery of the Orb. The Fusion Anthology is a collection of stories involving members of the Dominion universe. Enter the Dominion and prepare for a whole new dimension of wonder.
Prepare to be Loyal.


Fusion: Anthology Mech

Fusion T-shirt

Fusion: Fused T-Shirt

Based on Dominion Publishing Enterprises’ hit; Fusion Anthology this shirt poses some of Dominion Publishing main line characters. Armor Michelle, Breakthru, Die Tiger, Martha Savage,

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