I am King

Aka Ankhu

Charles T. Bostic III

Charles T Bostic III

Born and raised in Brooklyn, as a Comic Book Artist /Graphic Designer, despite my age I have been in my professional for the past seventeen years, as a child I spent most of my time in art.

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First Appearance

Fusion: Anthology No. 2

Follow the seemingly wandering path of an object of unknown power and potential as it careens through the lives of many heroes and villains. It will begin the story of one hero, lead another closer to the truth of his origin, and nearly end the career of a villain.

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Pharaohs have dreamed of dying and returning to the world to rule as a god. Ankhu had other plans. Born a child king to a hostile nation, he sought escape from a world that would not forgive his existence. His people rose up against him as he readied a path to his future. He and his companions imbibe a potion of a supposedly deadly herb that simulates death. The people of the land curse him and bury them all deep below his kingdom. And the dust of eternity settled on the hapless voyagers.

Until the day archeologist Yamilca Watson uncovers the secret of the lost child king and the fate that consumed him and his charges.

The young scientists uncovers King Ankhu’s secret tomb and sets him free. The pharaoh awakens to a world he and his forefathers never dreamt of. His confusion is compounded by tragedy with the discovery of the death of his beloved queen during their millennia of sleep. For him, the dream of ruling the next world dies. It isn’t worthy of him anymore.

But Tehu-Set the alchemist has worked too hard, planned too long to let this happen. He believes the King is simply not in the right frame of mind yet. Of course the world will bow to his king. But he becomes more obsessed as Ankhu continues to refuse his destiny.

Now the mighty Pharaoh and his followers must fight to stop his loyal servant from realizing his dream of a transformed New World.