Martha Savage

of The Doom Guard

Rich Buckler

Rich Buckler (February 6, 1949 – May 19, 2017) was an American comics artist and penciller drew virtually every major character at Marvel and DC, often as a cover artist.

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First Appearance

Fusion: Anthology No. 2

Follow the seemingly wandering path of an object of unknown power and potential as it careens through the lives of many heroes and villains. It will begin the story of one hero, lead another closer to the truth of his origin, and nearly end the career of a villain.

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Marsha Savage is strong and ever-vigilant in her fights for truth, and She is from a world where the golden age of comic books and Hollywood are personified. An accident transports her and two mastermind criminals to our dimension.

This once elite member of the famed “Doom Guard” now finds herself at the only place in our world that would entertain such a story…Duck Wood Falls Asylum. She is assisted by Binky (the asylum custodian who secretly admires her and has extraordinarily little to say). They headfirst into battle to prevent Dr. Sardonic and Prof. Vague from taking over the world. Marsha now must fight the forces of evil as well as try to figure out a way to bring herself and the two villains back to their own dimension. She must do all this and avoid being brought back to the asylum for another night.

Martha Savage/Les Corsairs created by: James Quirindongo
Les Corsairs Final Character design: Gus Vaquez
©Copyrighted 2004 held by James Quirindongo & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

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