Ravenous Redd

Aka David Timmioms

Charles T. Bostic III

Charles T Bostic III

Born and raised in Brooklyn, as a Comic Book Artist /Graphic Designer, despite my age I have been in my professional for the past seventeen years, as a child I spent most of my time in art.

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As an otherworldly being, he possesses immense strength and the extraordinary ability to traverse through trees using magic.


In an epic tale spanning dimensions, Prince Rut, known as Ravenous Redd, crosses into our realm in search of the Soulheart, a gem housing his father’s essence. This prized artifact, once groundbreaking in his dimension, now holds immense power on Earth. Upon arrival, Rut’s essence intertwines with Daniel Timmions, a bodyguard and owner of Tyme Security, resulting in the emergence of the heroic figure, Ravenous Redd, adorned in crimson fur.

Their quest becomes twofold: to retrieve the Soulheart and to thwart Istara Sthakti, the formidable Elder Witch. Istara seeks to merge dimensions, harnessing newfound power, and potentially unleashing chaos upon both realms. Rut, now fused with Timmions, must confront Istara and her coven, reclaim his birthright, and prevent the cataclysmic consequences that loom over both worlds.

Should they fail in their mission, the catastrophic outcome threatens the very fabric of existence, leaving both dimensions at the mercy of annihilation. Thus, the fate of countless lives and the preservation of reality itself rest upon the shoulders of Ravenous Redd and his perilous journey.


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