Aka Ann Patricia Jo

Charles T. Bostic III

Charles T Bostic III

Born and raised in Brooklyn, as a Comic Book Artist /Graphic Designer, despite my age I have been in my professional for the past seventeen years, as a child I spent most of my time in art.

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Ann Patricia Jo, known as Relight, is the daughter of one of John Tonga’s greatest rivals. Her father Darren Jo has been a politician for a number of years and always worked for the good of the public. The evening of Redd’s first appearance was the night John arranged her father’s death. She swore her revenge. With her father’s wealth, she acquired the necessary tools to wage her personal war. Although she plots vengeance, she is her father’s daughter and fights for good of the people. Influenced by Redd’s courage, bravery and selflessness, she aligns herself with this scarlet urban hero, trying to make a father proud. Although in the story she’s a little bit of a mystery there is still a side of her personality that doesn’t add up and she appears to have some government associations but keeps it a secret.

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