Renee Casantia Hemsley

Aka Princess Casantia

Charles T. Bostic III

Charles T Bostic III

Born and raised in Brooklyn, as a Comic Book Artist /Graphic Designer, despite my age I have been in my professional for the past seventeen years, as a child I spent most of my time in art.

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Ravenous Redd is a Prince/gatekeeper (Prince Rut) from another dimension looking for two slave spell-casters “Tadius Row (Moma Muriel)and Istara Sthakti”, in which he pursues into our dimension to discover the spirit of his Father was taken his heart (Soulheart) a ground-breaking gem. Being eminence, in their dimension, the “Soulheart” is ground-breaking however on our earth a wellspring of preeminent force.

After entering our dimension young sovereign is pushed into the body of Daniel Timmions; a bodyguard and proprietor of Tyme Security. An organization for the insurance for the rich and popular. Presently combined they are both changed into the red-furred saint “Ravenous Redd”. Presently melded, his assignment is to pursue down (the Elder Witch) his Mother Overseer “Istara Sthakti” (spell-caster and senior witch) out to combine both dimensions by presently making the most of her newly discovered force.

He needs to vanquish her coven and recover his inheritance before she annihilates the two dimensions, she is attempting to accomplish for her and her fellow spell-casters from her old dimension to acquire their opportunity to enter this world and rule. If he bombs this assignment to recover his dad soulheart will hinder both our universes from being annihilated for eternity.

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