Hassan Godwin

Hassan Godwin has worked within the confines of the comic book industry for nearly 15 years in several different capacities, first as an intern, to a mailing clerk, to a production designer, and even an Accountant.

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 Bred by the peaceful Opaccans to protect against the malevolent Daniki, these cyborg-like humanoid warriors are a force to be reckoned with. With unmatched hand-to-hand combat skills and alien strength, the Valkk are the ultimate defenders. Follow them on their journey through the galaxy as they fight to keep their world safe in the face of evil.


In the depths of space, the peaceful Opaccans are under attack from the ruthless Daniki, a vicious race of conquerors. In a quest to defend themselves, the Opaccans create the Valkk, an elite race of cyborg warriors specifically bred to battle the Daniki. With their armor-clad efficiency, the Valkk take on their enemies but soon discover that some among them are capable of the same evil they were created to defeat. Meanwhile, a hidden secret within the Opaccan society threatens to tear apart the unity of the Valkk. With two conflicting forces, the Valkk and the Opaccans, the Galaxy is on the brink of destruction.