Aka Maja

Leslie Gray & Andre Thornton

Leslie D. Gray was born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 30, 1963, and grew into adulthood in Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Jackie Robinson Apartments. A graduate of Erasmus Hall High School, Leslie studied art and design and desired a career as a Marvel Comics artist, but eventually found his passion in the financial industry, business consulting, and photography.

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Windstorm is a powerful cyborg with the ability to generate gale-force winds at her command. With this power, she can control the battlefield and create devastating storms to overcome her enemies. Her advanced technology also grants her the gift of flight, allowing her to soar through the skies with grace and speed. With her mastery of the winds and her aerial capabilities, Windstorm is a formidable force to be reckoned with and a valuable member of any team.


Unknowingly, these seven volunteers go on this journey thinking they are just going to be physically enhanced and not being used for their brains and becoming unwittingly super-powered “Cyborgs” for capture and contain unit for “The Super Powered”. The senators have come together with a cage created for their state to make the hero team “The Liberators”. (the idea is; each state has its hero, and the heroes will work together on big jobs).

Ethan their leader “Commander: Tech-Nite” unearths that they are being deceived and discovers what the group of Senators’ true plans is, turning our forces into undying cyborgs. Discovering he is being victimized by the senators, he plans to stop his own government from making armed forces into obedient automatons. The concept drives him insane with the fact he became a monster to become a slave, serving at the benefit of their captors.

Our crew of newly powered governmental team is told that Ethan has betrayed them, one of your own has plans of his own, and his plan, is to destroy them all. Riaan, Matheus, Ranbir, Maja, and the Twins dreamt about was a new life-redeeming themselves and being able to help their people back home as heroes

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