Die Tieger

Created by Thomas Grace

Thomas Grace

Thomas Grace worked enthusiastically as a youth with the original Dominion crew from 96-98 creating two concepts, Die Tiger and Fortunate Son

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Charles T. Bostic III

Charles T Bostic III

Born and raised in Brooklyn, as a Comic Book Artist /Graphic Designer, despite my age I have been in my professional for the past seventeen years, as a child I spent most of my time in art.

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First Appearance

Fusion: Anthology No. 2

Follow the seemingly wandering path of an object of unknown power and potential as it careens through the lives of many heroes and villains. It will begin the story of one hero, lead another closer to the truth of his origin, and nearly end the career of a villain.

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Die Tiger is a round peg thrust inadvertently into a square hole. Abducted from his home world in an embryonic state, he is thrust into the very womb of Mother Earth. While his home is slated for annihilation by deep forces of the Universe, he incubates in our planet. Created to provide savage entertainment to higher beings, his exposure to the forces of this world’s nature imbued strange new feelings and ideas into the heart of a born killer. Now his savior’s heart wars with his murderer’s soul. He will strive, lose and learn to find his own voice. Fortune isn’t prone to smile on Earth’s adopted son. Only time will tell if he can protect her; or if he’ll even choose to do so.


Die Tieger (The Tiger) is a creature abducted from a world slated for annihilation, and place within the “womb” of Mother Earth. The reason: entertainment for a jaded race of God-like beings. Earth accepts her latest charge and allows him to grow. But the darkness inside the seed is transformed. The small spark of emotion and empathy is coaxed out of the essence of a born killer growing with the planet. Before he is even born, a war rages within Die Tieger’s between a guardian’s heart and a murderer’s lust. His presence hasn’t gone unnoticed. As he emerges, forces with all kinds of agendas will pursue him. See as he fights to avoid the role of a puppet and seek to find his own voice. Fortune seems intent on not smiling on this adopted son. Only time will tell if he can protect her and save himself and perhaps all of Earth’s creatures.